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Most Useful Linux command everyone must know it | Top most used common Linux command | Linux command and their uses

Most Useful Linux command everyone must know it | Top most used common Linux command

Hello guys in this blog i have shown you most common basic Linux command that every programmers or computer geeks should must know if you have want to learn or explore Linux then this blog is for you .

Kindly read this this blog carefully.

If you want to see the video of whole steps you can prefer to our YouTube channel:

Unzipped technology:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmRsNPY_9TzB556Nx7hWuCg

What is Linux?

Linux is a family of open-source Unix-like operating systems based on the Linux kernel which is develop in year 1991 with motive of light-weight ,free and open-source.
The main advantage of Linux was that programmers were able to use the Linux Kernel to design their own custom operating systems.

Why Linux is most popular amongst programmers?

1. It is free and open-source  they do not have to spends lots of money on purchasing operating system like windows and Unix.

2. As it is open source so anyone having programming skills can modify it and create a new operating according to their needs.

3.It offer millions of programs/applications and Linux software's to choose from, most of them are free!

4.Linux is a highly secure system we do not have to install any antivirus on it and With each upgrade, it becomes more secure and robust

5.As Linux is Highly secure and free of cost Mega-companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google use Linux for their Servers. A Linux based server could run non-stop without a reboot for years on end.

so if you want to use Linux in your chrome browser directly from your windows desktop watch this video below

Some of the basic and useful Linux commands their uses are given below:

These all commands run in Linux terminal

Terminal is Linux console which provides a way for the kernel and other processes to send text output to the user, and to receive text input from the user. The user typically enters text with a computer keyboard and reads the output text on a computer monitor.  

Networking commands

  1. curl
  2. ping
  3. netstat
  4. telnet
  5. traceroute
  6. nslookup
  7. dig
  8. File operations related
  9. cd
  10. chmod
  11. chown
  12. mkdir
  13. rmdir
  14. pwd
  15. mv
  16. cp
  17. rm
  18. touch
  19. ls
Resource utilization
  1. df
  2. du
  3. free
  4. top
  5. ps
  6. Pattern Searching
  7. find
  8. locate
  9. grep
For general operations
  1. cat
  2. echo
  3. whoami, w
  4. tail
  5. head
  6. less
  7. sudo, su
  8. kill
  9. man
  10. whatis
  11. shutdown
  12. passwd
  13. cron
  14. ssh
  15. clear
Installing packages: 
  1. yum install, apt-get install
  2. service
  3. diff
  4. wget

If you want to see practical of these commands kindly visits our YouTube channel 
Unzipped Technology : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmRsNPY_9TzB556Nx7hWuCg

I hope guys you will find this blog informative so if you have any problem comment below or contact me to social media account. Share with friends if they are interested in Linux or they do not have .high configuration pc/laptops.

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